What to Expect During Labor


When Your Doctor Tells You to Go to the Hospital

You will go directly to the Admitting department located at the main entrance. If you are having contractions, you will be escorted directly to the Labor/Delivery/Postpartum Unit. You will be examined and monitored, and your physician will be notified of your arrival.

Labor and Delivery
Personalized, individual care is one thing that makes our Family Birth Center so special. We provide your own personal nurse to give you and your baby specialized attention.

Your labor, delivery, and recovery will take place in the same suite. Each comfortable suite has a private bathroom with jetted tub and shower. In addition to having specially designed birthing beds, the suite is decorated to create a relaxing home-like atmosphere. Furnishings include comfortable “father” chairs, rocking chairs, televisions and telephones.

While maintaining a quiet, comfortable and private atmosphere, the equipment needed for a safe delivery is introduced into the suite just before delivery. Cabinets at the head and side of the bed are opened to reveal medical technology and supplies necessary for the mother’s care; additional medical equipment is available for the baby, if necessary.

After the delivery, the equipment is returned to its original position. During the immediate recovery period, the room is restored to its home-like setting for the enjoyment of the mother, baby and father or significant other.

During your labor and delivery, your family may wait in the spacious hospital waiting area, which has television, telephone, and bathroom conveniently located. The Pine Street Café  located in the lower level of the hospital.

Labor Coach and Support
You will have a Registered Nurse trained in obstetrics and certified in neonatal resuscitation. You are permitted to bring your choice of labor coach and support people into the LDR Suite. (Doulas are welcome). They can be with you throughout the labor and delivery. Should a Cesarean section be necessary, your support person may remain with you as long as either spinal or epidural anesthesia is being utilized/administered.

Obstetrical Anesthesia & Pain Management
Newport Hospital & Health Services provides anesthesia 24 hours a day to ensure your safe and comfortable delivery and to handle any problem that may arise unexpectedly.