Obstetrics Services

So, you’re having a baby!

Maybe you’re excited and confident about the coming birth . . . or maybe you’re uncertain and just a little nervous. We get it…we’re here for YOU!


A personalized care team approach

Obstetrical support starts with your OB Physician and includes additional layers of trusted support services to provide the best possible outcomes for your growing family.

    • You will have dedicated, wrap-around support throughout your pregnancy with easy access to care when you need it.
    • Our Perinatal Services Nurse Practitioner will work with your OB Physician to support you and your baby from pre-pregnancy to postpartum and aftercare assistance.
    • This service provides new tools and resources to help ease your mind so you can focus on a healthy pregnancy…and beyond!

Obstetrics Providers


Stages of perinatal care


    • Nutrition assessment
    • Medication review
    • Customized wellness plan to support your family planning goals.
    • Educational materials

Prenatal visits

    • Nurse Practitioner visits
    • OB Physician visits
    • Pregnancy test confirmation
    • Bedside ultrasound
    • Medication review
    • Customized wellness plan to support your pregnancy
    • Personalized birth plan to fit your needs
    • Frequent check-ins with perinatal nurse practitioner
    • Educational materials
    • Connections to community resources

Labor & Delivery

    • Expert care and personalized attention…it’s all about you!
    • Dedicated, experienced obstetrics team
    • Recently updated Family Birth Center
    • Private labor and delivery suite with jetted tub
    • Welcome gift for little one’s arrival
    • C-Section deliveries and anesthesia

Postpartum and beyond

    • Frequent check-ins with perinatal nurse practitioner
    • Postpartum depression assessment
    • Lactation support
    • Connections to community resources

At Newport Hospital & Health Services, we firmly believe that care you receive in a family practice clinic (Newport Health Center) builds a sustainable path to trusted, reliable care for your entire family for generations to come.


As a courtesy, Newport Hospital and Health Services will bill your insurance company on your behalf. Therefore, it is very important that you call your insurance company, inform them that you are pregnant and verify your maternity and well-baby benefits. If you have any questions regarding insurance, our healthcare insurance representatives will be happy to help you. Please call (509) 447-9351 or visit NHHS Patient Financial Services online.

We serve Washington and Idaho families, too!