Nursing Assistant – Certified (NA-C) Program

River Mountain Training Center (Newport, WA)

Our next course runs April 30 – May 31, 2024!

Nurse Holding Elderly Patient's Hand

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What are the job duties of a Nursing Assistant?

The Nursing Assistant – Certified Program is intended for the individual desiring to work as a NAC in assisted living or acute care.  Skills obtained in the Nursing Assistant Program include:

  • Obtain vital signs
  • Perform non-invasive monitoring as directed by the RN or LPN
  • Observe for and report to the RN or LPN unexpected situations
  • Express needs and changes in the resident’s condition
  • Monitor and document the resident’s intake and output
  • Document care and observations thoroughly and accurately
  • Feed and assist residents with nutritional intake and follow dietary restrictions
  • Assist residents with hygiene and grooming needs
  • Transfer and assist residents with ambulation and mobility needs
  • Assist residents with active and passive range of motion exercise
  • Apply anti-embolism and pneumatic stockings
  • Reapply cannula and oxygen masks for residents already receiving oxygen therapy
  • Collect specimens as directed by the RN or LPN
  • Utilize assistive devices, transfer aides, and other equipment safely

Career Opportunities

What can you look forward to doing once you successfully complete the Nursing Assistant Certified Program and pass the Washington State National Nurse Aide Assessment Program Examination (NNAAP)?

  • Employment opportunities exist for the state-certified nursing assistant in long-term care, home-health care, nursing home and residential care.  Local opportunities also exist for employment in hospitals.
  • The Nursing Assistant – Certified Program is also useful for people wanting to have employable skills while preparing for nursing or other health careers.

Employment opportunities require a current Washington State Nursing Assistant Certification.

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For more information about the Nursing Assistant – Certified Program or to submit an application please contact the Newport Hospital & Health Services Education Department at: (509) 447-6318 or [email protected].