Nursing Assistant – Certified Program Curriculum

Program Curriculum

The Nursing Assistant – Certified Program at River Mountain Training Center is a 186 hours program five weeks in length, Monday thru Friday, and costs $1,120. [For funding assistance, contact Rural Resources (Washington) at (509) 447-9997   or Idaho Dept. of Labor (208) 263-7544.]

River Mountain Training Center prepares students to qualify for the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program Examination (NNAAP), in preparation to work as professional nursing assistant in Washington State.  We are dedicated to developing quality professionals by combining the most up-to-date techniques and technology along with compassion in providing care to sick, injured, and aging population.

For more information about the Nursing Assistant – Certified Program or to submit an application please contact Laura at (509) 447-6328 or [email protected]

Using Internet Explorer, Complete and Submit NA-C Training Application