Preparing for Labor & Delivery

Childbirth Education Classes

In preparation for your new arrival, Newport Hospital and Health Services Birthing Unit encourages expecting parents to attend free virtual Childbirth Education Classes prior to your due date. You will rest easy knowing that your care will be left to expert staff that will surround you with all of the personalized care and attention you require during your child’s birth.

To sign up for the free virtual childbirth education classes, please call 509-447-6398.


As a courtesy, Newport Hospital and Health Services will bill your insurance company on your behalf. Therefore, it is very important that you call your insurance company, inform them that you are pregnant and verify your maternity and well-baby benefits. If you have any questions regarding insurance, our healthcare insurance representatives will be happy to help you. Please call (509) 447-2447 or visit NHHS Patient Financial Services online.

Contact Patient Financial Services

What to Bring from Home 

Pack your bag near your due date. We provide personal items such as shampoo, lotion, etc. If you prefer you own brand, please bring them with you.

You will need:

  • A baby blanket, receiving blanket and weather appropriate baby clothing.
  • A rear-facing infant car seat for baby’s first ride home.
  • If you desire music or other forms of labor support, we encourage you to bring these items in.

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