Assisted Living with Memory Care: Progress

Building a better, more dignified care environment for our community’s most fragile residents and those currently living in Long Term Care.


Construction Progress Update – February 8, 2019

Work continues at River Mountain Village Advanced Care (RMVAC).  The mild weather in January helped the project speed along slightly ahead of schedule.  Kudos to Kilgore Construction for their weather management! The project is 74% complete as of the end of January. Current activities include: installing the exterior siding; final design and purchase of the furniture; planning the move-in process.

The building has four separate wings or “neighborhoods”, all of which are in a different state of completion as the general contractor carefully directs  an efficient sequence of activities.  In the front lobby area and one wing, flooring, stonework, tile, cabinetry, doors, painting, lighting, and heating – ventilation systems, and plumbing are being completed.  The commercial kitchen equipment installation with custom fabricated stainless steel items are now being installed.  Elevators are scheduled to be on site in early February and installation will commence at that time.

Again, we couldn’t undertake this massive community project without our District #1 voters, our local partners, suppliers, design team, and our amazing contractor team – Kilgore Construction.  As a side note, we are thrilled that Kilgore Construction is so supportive of our community programs!



Media Release 10/25/2018 – PHD1 Commissioners Approve Project Expansion


On Thursday, Pend Oreille County Public Hospital District #1 commissioners approved the $1.1 million bid to complete the final “neighborhood” in the advanced-care assisted living facility project. Hospital District commissioners present at the Thursday meeting unanimously approved the completed expansion plans that would increase final capacity to 72 beds. Projected community need, along with anticipated future building code changes, precipitated the need for a decision on the expansion and additional contracting bid.

Initially, building plans included a “rough-in” of the fourth neighborhood with the option to finish it at a later date, leaving completed units at 54 beds. Commissioners were outwardly pleased with the decision to expand, which means the District will be able to accommodate more residents in need of care. Kilgore Construction, Inc., the project contractor, received the winning bid for this final neighborhood completion project.

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Many thanks to our project partners:

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