Dr. Geoff Jones is the 2016 Family Physician of the Year


Dr. Geoff Jones of Newport Hospital and Health Services accepts the 2016 Family Physician of the Year award. Also pictured is his wife, Dr. Shannon Radke. (Photo provided by WAFP)

SPOKANE (WA) – Dr. Geoff Jones received the 2016 Family Physician of the Year award at the Washington Academy of Family Physicians annual meeting on May 13, 2016. at the Davenport Hotel, in Spokane, WA . The prestigious award is given annually by WAFP to a family physician who exemplifies a compassionate commitment to improving the health and well-being of people and communities throughout Washington.  With over 3400 members the WAFP is the largest medical specialty professional organization in Washington. It is comprised of physicians, residents and students who specialize in Family Medicine. The organization works to influence the development of healthcare policy that will provide optimal healthcare for all citizens of Washington State.

Practicing rural family medicine is tough work. It requires a broad range of skills including strong intellect, compassion and an unparalleled commitment to serve. Geoff Jones embodies what it takes to be an excellent rural clinician. He practices full spectrum family medicine, including operative obstetrics, staffs the Emergency Department, provides endoscopic service and manages a patient panel demanding active acute and chronic care. He balances clinical and administrative obligations while protecting time to for his real passion, his wife and family. Geoff would say that he is just a regular family physician; we think he is among the best.

Geoff graduated from Pacific Lutheran University and then attended the University of Washington School of Medicine, graduating with honors in 1996. He did his residency training with Family Medicine Spokane, and upon graduation he left Washington for Bethel, Alaska for several  years, returning to Newport with his wife (who is also a family physician), where he has practiced since 2002. He became an integral part of the Newport community, serving as treasurer and chairman of the Board of Directors for Habitat for Humanity since 2005. He almost single handedly kept the local chapter alive through his dedication to purchase land and build homes for people in need. He is a champion for Hepatitis C care, working with the University of Washington through the Project Echo program. He facilitates a Teddy Bear Clinic every year for all kindergarten children to become more comfortable if needing a hospital experience. And he still finds time to attend numerous community, sporting, and church events, while carefully balancing his professional and family life. He and his wife respect the importance of their careers in family medicine, but always make their children a priority, spending time off volunteering in their classes.

Geoff has an incredible passion to teach. When asked to undertake a longitudinally integrated rural clerkship, he was happy to do so. Geoff loves working with students, and included “college mentor,” to his already full agenda exposing students to what we want them to see – highly competent, skilled, multi-faceted family doctors.

However, Geoff did not stop there. Being passionate about medical education and family medicine, Dr. Jones joined the UWSOM admissions committee and ultimately its Executive Committee; a huge additional time commitment, because it was the right thing to do.

In Newport, he is the lead preceptor for both the RUOP and TRUST/WRITE programs. His energy seems limitless, and the students always remark about his immense passion for being a family physician.

In summary, Geoff truly represents what a family physician can and should be in this challenging time for health care delivery. He is knowledgeable, skilled, and always cares for others above self.  He has the constellation of attributes which we as family physicians need to foster in our specialty. He is among the best of us, demonstrating what a caring and compassionate family physician represents to his patients, community and family.  Geoff Jones truly embodies what it means to be Family Physician of the Year.

The WAFP is honored to recognize Geoff Jones for his dedication to teaching and serving as a role model for future doctors, for his dedication to bringing the best and brightest to the field of family medicine, and for his immense passion for being a family physician.