NHHS Ambassador

An NHHS Ambassador’s primary function is to work as a liaison between surgical patient families, the surgeon, and the surgical team. The ambassador will sit in the waiting room and field calls to the families from the surgical staff. The ambassador will also escort the family representative to the post-op recovery room following surgery. The ambassador will work to make the family comfortable and welcome at all times and recognize that simple courtesies go a long way to ease concern when loved ones are in the hospital. An NHHS Ambassador is not only a hospital ambassador, but an ambassador to the community, as well.

The Ambassador may also work as a liaison for patient families from the following departments:

  • Emergency Department
  • Outpatient Services
  • Visiting Provider Clinics
  • Admitting Department

Other duties may include:

  • Getting coffee, water or tea for patient families
  • Providing coloring papers and crayons for children
  • Updating reading material as necessary
  • Making sure people stay off of the waiting room phone during surgery hours
  • Giving tours of the facility as needed

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