Volunteer Chaplain Services


The quest for a Volunteer Chaplain program started in early 2011. Activities Manager, Jenny Cooper, recognized the need for some spiritual support with swing bed patients and some Long Term Care residents. Her vision developed into a program designed to meet the individual spiritual needs of the patient or resident. She says,

“We are here to provide spiritual support of all kinds…we laugh, we cry, and we pray.”

Over the next few years, the program grew from 1 volunteer chaplain to 15. They meet regularly to discuss privacy practices, HIPPA, contact precautions, abuse, and other patient-centered hospital policies. Volunteer Chaplains sign up for a week rotation and many of them are available 24/7 on that rotation. Aside from the individual care, Chaplains also provide the following:

• Non-denominational bible study at River Mountain Village Assisted Living
• Catholic Communion to residents of Long Term Care and River Mountain Village Assisted Living

For information on becoming a Volunteer Chaplain, please contact Jenny Cooper at (509)447-2464 or jenny.cooper@nhhsqualitycare.org . All volunteer chaplains must complete the Volunteer Application Form and other applicable forms.