Visiting Restrictions – Novel Cornavirus (COVID-19)

Our goal is to protect our staff, patients, and community during the outbreak of COVID-19.

  • Routine visiting will be suspended at Newport Hospital and Health Services until the transmission of COVID-19 is no longer a threat to our patients, staff and community.
  • No visitors (other than the list below) will be allowed in the hospital at this time. Any exceptions to this policy must be cleared by the charge nurse.
  • No visitors will be allowed in rooms of Persons Under Investigation (PUIs) or COVID-19 positive patients (unless at end of life).
  • Entrance will be limited to ensure appropriate screening can occur for the visitors in the exception list. Visitors must have absence of symptoms to enter the building.


  • Patients 18 and older: one (1) caregiver or support person per day
  • Patients in the Emergency Department: one (1) caregiver or support person allowed
  • Patients younger than 18: two (2) caregivers or support persons per day
  • Patients at end-of-life: two (2) visitors at a time allowed; no visitors can be in hospital waiting rooms
  • No visitors under the age of 16
  • Clinic, Laboratory, Physical Therapy or Radiology patients: only one (1) support person per patient, must stay in department waiting rooms
  • Patients undergoing surgery or procedures: one (1) visitor

Rules for visitors:

  • Visiting hours will be 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM (beginning Monday, April 20)
  • Visitors will be issued a wristband to indicate that they were screened upon entry and were allowed to enter the building
  • All visitors and patients are encouraged to wear a face covering when possible while inside any of our campus buildings (hospital and clinic).  If a person is not wearing a mask, the screener will offer one to the visitor/patient.
  • Visitors will need to stay in the patient’s room for the duration of the visit
  • Visitors may not remove any supplies or equipment from the hospital.
  • Delivery and staff personnel must wear face covering while inside NHHS buildings. They also must continue to be screened before entry.
  • This policy includes NHHS employees that have family members who are in the hospital
  • Sales people, drug reps, non-NHHS meeting groups, or anyone that does not have a clinical need to be in the building is restricted from entering at this time.

Residential care visitors:

Starting Monday, May 18th, River Mountain Village (RMV) and River Mountain Village Advanced Care (RMVAC) will be allowing limited visits to be held outside. Potential visitors should call each facility to set up an appointment. 

  • Facility doors will remain locked; however, we will screen ALL INDIVIDUALS (staff, other health care workers, family, visitors, government officials, etc.) at the entrance of the building. 
  • All visitors must be wearing a mask before proceeding with the following screening checklist. In order to conserve our own personal protective equipment (PPE), we will not be able to provide visitors with masks.
  • At this time, only adults are permitted during visitations. RMVAC prefers a call prior to the visit so staff can prepare the resident for outdoors (and have staff available to do the screening).
  • We will continue to do visits through the windows either through the conference room or first floor room, as well as arranging virtual visits as needed (with notification to arrange for staff to assist).