Danny’s Story

Usk, WA

We Are Lucky to Have Newport Hospital

by Danny Motola (Usk, WA) – 11/9/2016

At age 88, I thought I was championing the crusade for finding the fountain of youth. But, alas, a large obstacle blocked my path. On a trip back home to Usk, with my wife and I driving a motor home, which in turn was pulling our car, both loaded with our possessions from the sale of our park model in Arizona, I discovered a very black stool — I was passing blood. We drove a frantic 550 miles in one day and arrived home last Saturday night. Next morning (Sunday), my wife drove me to the ER, where I was invited to stay in the hospital.

The next two and a half days were a symphony of activity. A blood transfusion to replace blood lost, an endoscopy, a colonoscopy and a CAT Scan. The details and the results are not material to this letter.

I want to tell the people who use the Newport Hospital that they are lucky. In all the years that I have needed hospital care, I had not encountered such efficiency, dedication, caring, professionalism and competence.

Dr. Jeremy Lewis came to see me immediately even though it was Sunday, and ordered tests. Dr. Geoff Jones performed the scopes and the nursing staff treated me with such care I felt better than at home. Good health is primordial in our lives and when three shifts of caring people look after you 24/7, it comforting. At least 15 nurses, attendants, lab technicians, treated me better than if I were their family. 

We, the citizens of Pend Oreille County, cannot begin to image how lucky we are to have such a first class institution, ready to bring us back to health.

Thank you all. I will never forget you.