NA-R – Paid Training & Employment Opportunity

We pay competitive wages while you learn!

We’re seeking compassionate individuals to join our team and receive Nurse Assistant – Registered (NA-R) training and work toward full certification.

» $17.50/hr / Benefits / Full -time
» Paid during NA-R & NA-C training
» Free Local Training ($1,120 value)
» We pay 1st year license & testing fees ($130 value)

» WSP and DSHS background checks
» Pre-employment Drug Screen
» Employee Health Profile / Vaccinations

For more information, contact Lisa Fisher at (509) 447-9365 or [email protected].
Newport Hospital & Health Services is an equal opportunity employer.

NA-R Job Duties:
The Nursing Assistant – Registered program is a fast track employment opportunity for individuals desiring to eventually work as a Nursing Assistant – Certified (NA-C) in our assisted living facilities. Job duties include:

  • Perform non-invasive monitoring as directed by the RN or LPN.
  • Observe for and report to the RN or LPN unexpected situations.
  • Express needs and changes in the resident’s condition.
  • Monitor and document the resident’s intake and output.
  • Document care and observations thoroughly and accurately.
  • Feed and assist residents with nutritional intake and follow dietary restrictions.
  • Assist residents with hygiene and some grooming needs
  • Transfer and assist residents with ambulation and mobility needs
  • Reapply cannula and oxygen masks for residents already receiving oxygen therapy.
  • Collect specimens as directed by the RN or LPN
  • Apply anti-embolism and pneumatic stockings.
  • Utilize assistive devices, transfer aides, and other equipment safely


By accepting a position as a NA-R with Newport Hospital & Health Services and by taking advantage of the free NA-C training opportunity, NHHS requires a 1-year employment commitment following graduation from the NA-C course. As a NA-R, you will be automatically enrolled in the next available 5-week NA-C class through River Mountain Training Center (Newport,WA). You will be paid full wages during your 5-week NA-C course.


Nursing Assistant – Certified (NA-C) Course Curriculum