Digital Mammography


How does it work?
Mammography uses a low dose x-ray system to create diagnostic images. This is a rapid and accurate technique for diagnosing cancer and other potential abnormalities.

When should I start?

The providers and staff at Newport Hospital and Health Services care about your health and want to help you decide your best option. Mammography and regular examinations by your physician ensure the earliest possible detection of breast cancer. Early detection allows a wider range of treatment options and is a key factor for a cure.

Screening mammograms are recommended every 1 to 2 years. With the wide range of current recommendations, it is often best to develop a personalized breast cancer screening plan with your primary care provider. Self-referral is also accepted; however, we encourage patients to speak with their provider prior to making an appointment for mammography.

Your personalized breast cancer screening plan will take into account your age, family history and previous mammography screening results. This proactive, informed approach will allow you to make informed decisions and review your options.

Who does it?
We have 3 highly skilled mammographers, all certified by The American Registry of Radiologic Technoligists in Mammography. All three are committed to their patients, for both comfort and accurate diagnosis.

Mammography Preparation
Please do NOT wear deodorant or powder to your examination. It may show on your films.

Any other questions?
If so, then please call us at (509) 447-9317.