CT Scans

New 64-Slice CT Scanner Joins Newport Hospital

Newport Hospital and Health Services utilizes the latest in progressive scanning technology.

Purchased in 2017, the 64-slice SOMATOM Perspective CT scanner imaging system delivers enhanced clinical data by capturing clear and more precise images than previously possible, with up to 60% lower radiation doses compared to older CT technology.

Dedication to exceptional care means offering you the most positive CT scanning experience possible. Every aspect of your examination, from the moment you schedule an appointment to the results, is meticulously overseen by our devoted professionals. Our CT examination is a painless test. What’s more, it’s a quick and easy procedure to administer, so children and the elderly will encounter no discomfort.

Angio and Contrast Studies

  • Angio Head and Neck
  • Angio Chest
  • Angio Abdomen/Pelvis
  • Angio Lower Extremity with Runoff.

For CT Angio and Contrast studies, please hydrate well with water prior to the exam, preferably the day before.

CT Preparations

CT Pelvis/Abdomen, Enhanced
Do NOT eat or drink 4 hours prior to exam.
Prior to exam drink 1 12oz glass of water every ½ hour  for two hours prior to exam.

The following exams do not require any preparation:

  • Abdomen, unenhanced
  • Facial, unenhanced
  • Head, unenhanced and enhanced
  • Paranasal Sinus, unenhanced
  • Pelvis, unenhanced
  • Soft Tissue Neck, enhanced
  • Spine Cervical, unenhanced
  • Spine Lumbar, unenhanced
  • Spine Thoracic, unenhanced
  • Thorax (Chest), unenhanced

If you have any questions concerning CT exams then please give us a call at (509) 447-9317.