Assisted Living with Memory Care: Progress

Building a better, more dignified care environment for our community’s most fragile residents and those currently living in Long Term Care.


After receiving higher than expected project bids in May, our design team went to work to develop a more viable residential care solution for our community.

The team has reviewed alternatives and received feedback from current and past residents, their family members, staff, and caregivers from our existing residential care facilities. We also sought input on our functional plans with Washington State Dept. of Health and Dept. of Social and Health Services staff. After much review and effort, we believe the design team has created a more flexible, functional, and affordable assisted living facility.

Design and functional improvements were intended to better accommodate residents:

  • with memory impairments;
  • with transfer, mobility, and physical deficits;
  • who have a desire to have a roommate
  • who would benefit from a more social environment

What has changed since the first design?

Much remains the sameWe still plan to build a 54-bed, advanced care assisted living facility to replace our 50-bed long term care unit. All rooms will contain resident living space and amenities (bed, dresser, TV, guest chair, etc.), and private restrooms. All 18-unit neighborhoods will offer social gathering areas and include group dining and leisure areas with access to outside patios and balconies.

What did change:

  • Instead of offering only single rooms, we will provide a mix of single and double-occupancy suites for married couples and those who may want a roommate. Double occupancy is often beneficial for residents with high-level memory care needs.
  • We decreased the building footprint to better fit our joint River Mountain Village lot, allowing more space for walking paths, visitor/family parking, and to reduce overall project costs.
  • We eliminated kitchenettes from certain suites. Kitchenettes are often not ideal for residents requiring very high levels of care, including memory care.

There are many behind the scene steps to a project like this, but soon we will watch as construction begins. Landscaping, walking paths, and outdoor living areas are going to be a big part of the wonderful environment that this building brings to our community. We are ALL looking forward so very much to the wonderful addition this Assisted Living will bring  to the people of our  county.

We welcome your continued feedback and encourage you to contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or if you require more detailed information.

Dedicated Email:
Tom Wilbur, CEO – (509) 447-9309
Chelsea McLaughlin, Assisted Living Manager/Design Team Member – (509) 447-6285
Jenny Cooper, Activities Manager/Design Team Member – (509) 447-7927

Many thanks to our project partners:


Hammond Facility Consulting Services

Doug Hammond, Owner